We are excited to announce the winner of our first annual Costume Contest. DRUM ROLL....Congratulations to Jim and Dana Steele, for their Axl Rose and Slash costume from the 80s band, Guns-n-Roses. For those of you who are too young to know who this legendary band is, I am providing this link for your review.

Jim and Dana Steele

Here is what they had to say about their rock-star evening:

"Jim and I decided since we are true hairband fans we might as well be one for Halloween!  GnR!! Had a bunch of stuff around the house that we used and grabbed a few things to add to the costume. We went to our home town for a costume party. When we got to the bar the band that was playing, they stopped and yelled Axl and Slash are in the building ladies and gentleman! The crowd hooted and hollered and the band played a GnR song for us! Lots of fun!"

Let's congratulate them for  job well done! 

Meet the winners


Other creative entries

Thank you to all who entered this contest. All of the costumes were great. We unfortunately did not receive any pet submissions so we decided to select a runner-up. Congratulations to Tasha Jensen for her depiction of Miss Argentina. Miss Argentine is the dead receptionist in the classic move Beetlejuice.

Tasha's costume was also a winner at the Fergus Fals VFW.


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